How Can Nonprofits Get Press in a Down Economy?

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The economy remains sluggish and many nonprofits are strapped. Getting the word out about your organization–and gaining valuable press coverage–is more crucial than ever.

The good news is that an organization needn’t have a huge marketing budget to get exposure. There are a variety of simple, inexpensive steps an organization can take to make a difference and step into the community limelight.

Which is why I was happy to stumble upon a piece on the American Express Open Forum site today that addresses just this issue. In the article, James O’Brien maps out 6 cost-effective options for nonprofits looking for extra press exposure. 

A few highlights:

  • Consider creating a scholarship in your organization’s name for a graduating high school senior. Coverage of the student’s success in local media, also means a mention of your organization’s name. Scholarships needn’t be hefty, either. Think between $500-$1,000.
  • Consider collaborating on a project with a fellow community organization. Coverage can be leveraged due to the joint effort.
  • Add a service that will get people talking and the media to take notice. I am thinking of an annual volunteer’s dinner, a donor’s lunch or an organized on-site visit (if conditions permit) for donors who want a first-hand look at their dollars in action.
In addition to these great tips, there are numerous other ways that a nonprofit organization can spread the word about its mission. Blogs, newsletters, magazines, and success stories are wonderful, cost-effective tools with which you can tell your organization’s story to donors, would-be donors, and the general public. Leveraging social media is yet another fantastic method you can use to network with the media, donors, and like-minded organizations.


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